Domestic Violence Awareness

"The 1992 Alpha Chi Omega National Convention marked the adoption of domestic violence awareness, an issue that affects people – and primarily women – all over the world, as our national philanthropy. Together, we work to fight against unhealthy relationships and build healthy relationships. Members serve individuals and families impacted by domestic violence through fundraising and sharing gifts of time and talent with shelters and other service-providing organizations. Alpha Chi Omega also works to empower its own members, giving them tools to build their own healthy relationships, and to raise awareness of domestic violence by educating others on its impact and work being done to end it."

At Alpha Chi, our philanthropy is the heartbeat of our organization and we are proud to be devoted to such an important cause.



  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October)

  • Healthy Relationships Week (February 9-15)

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April)

  • Denim Day (April 24th)

    • Why denim? ​​

      • In 1998, the Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction because it was believed that since the woman’s jeans were tight, she must have helped take them off implying consent. Remember that there is never an excuse or an invitation for rape, and clothing does NOT equal consent.



Due to COVID-19, Alpha Chi Omega's philanthropical events will be different this year. Even in these unprecedented times, we will continue to support the fight to end domestic violence- virtually!  Please check our Instagram for more recent updates and news ♡



Fall Event

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is the highlight of our philanthropy. Here, the men who have chosen to participate wear heels while walking an entire mile around campus. Alpha Chi is joined not only by fraternity gentlemen, but any community member who wishes to support. A powerful event where the community becomes educated by listening to different speakers and the whole campus can come together in support. All of our proceeds benefits our local philanthropy, Becky's House.




Spring Event

Over the Line, a simplified beach baseball tournament where brackets are made and people attempt to hit a ball over a line made of rope, hence the name. Becky's House is additionally benefited from this event. An event that brings the community together in the fight to end Domestic Violence.